Custom K9 Dog Training

Custom K9 Dog Training

Our online Video tutorial series covers everything you need to know about raising a happy, healthy and social pet, but we understand that not everyone can learn from a video series. Or perhaps you have gotten yourself into a situation with a dog where you just can’t even identify a starting point! Pat Stuart from MS Kennels is now able to offer a variety of training services in Sydney while Sam Montignie can do the same in Melbourne!

Training options can be tailored to suit your needs.

Sydney based enquiries contact to organize a consultation.

Melbourne based enquiries contact to organize a consultation.

Custom K9 Dog Training

One on One

Have a specific behavior you want to train your dog to do? One on one training sessions are best for you! We can discuss your training goals and come up with a step-by-step plan to teach that behavior to your dog.

Cost: Starting at $100 per hour

Custom K9 Dog Training

Behavioral Consultations

If you are having trouble with your dog in your home or on walks then this is the option for you. Pat will come to your home or where ever that problem behavior is showing to observe how and why the problem exists. From there he can assist you in a management strategy and implement controls right there on the spot. In most cases these problem behaviors can be rectified there and then. In other cases an ongoing training and management plan will need to be implemented. Consultations usually last one to two hours but will go on as long as they need to. After the consultation you will be emailed a summary of everything that was discussed with an ongoing action plan if necessary.

Cost: Initial Consult Starting at $300

Custom K9 Dog Training

Reference Letter

If you are moving house or workplace you may be required to provide a letter of reference for your dog if it is to accompany you. After a consultation and assessment of the dog we are able to provide that letter.

Cost to existing customers (dogs we know and have trained): $100
Cost to new customers (dogs we will have to assess): $200

Custom K9 Dog Training

Perfect Puppy Program

The team at MS Kennels are passionate about developing puppies into awesome dogs! This is a premium service that will ensure you and your puppy are set up for success. Ideally organized before you get your puppy, this service includes;

  • Access to the MS Kennels Video tutorials.
  • A formal lesson on dog learning theory (around 2 hours).
  • Assist you in purchasing your puppy if necessary.
  • Accompany you in buying all the necessary equipment.
  • Home visit to ensure your house and living situation is optimized for the puppy.
  • A one hour lesson every week for 20 weeks. Timing and location of this training lesson will vary to suit you and the needs of your puppy.
  • Unlimited telephone support for the life of your dog.

Cost: $3000

Custom K9 Dog Training

Extreme Circumstances Consultation

Had another trainer give up on you? Has someone recommended your dog be medicated or euthanized? The team at MS Kennels are highly experienced with the sort of dogs very few people can deal with and we think with the proper protocols its rare that a dog will ever need to be given up on. If you are in this situation then we may be able to help.

Cost: Circumstance specific - Email for a quote

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