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Pat Stuart and Samuel Montignie met shortly after Pat bought an adult dog named Ryder. Ryder was an incredibly difficult dog to train due to various social and behavioural issues ingrained before Pat got him. Pat knew he was in trouble when the advice that was offered to him from other "professional" trainers, was to have Ryder put to sleep. As a last resort Pat contacted Sam, a Military Working Dog trainer, and within minutes "Sam had given me the tools and skills to make Ryder the awesome family pet I always knew he could be. Sam trained me and I trained Ryder."

Sam and Pat began working together raising puppies for a variety of purposes. They were always frustrated when they were asked to do house calls to assist in training dogs that had been poorly raised as puppies. They began to realise that as pet ownership grows in popularity the educational tools to help pet owners give their newest family member the best start in life weren't there or provided misleading information.

When it came time for Pat to welcome a new dog into his family they chose to record that dogs entire first year of life. Their goal is to provide pet owners the best chance of success with simple proven techniques. As a result the MSK video series was born.

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